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You don't need to have pre knowledge to open our store, but you must have natural sales skills and excellent interpersonal communication. 

We are looking for partners who are both entrepreneurs and investors (from the UK, EU & ASIA) with a desire to success, commitment, self discipline and an excellent network of relationships in their country.

It's a fantastic opportunity to partner with our family company and the vision to become a global network stores. 
If you would like to join the PHRATA family to share the love of work well done and the joy of offering our customers the very best quality service,
Please take a look at our criteria below:
  • Are highly passionate about wedding wear and our products.
  • Have solid experience in store sales/administration. 
  • Have liquid assets of at least £100,000 to £150,000 and can secure your own financing.
  • Have outstanding interpersonal and communication skills.
What support is provided?
In our franchise programme we want to ensure that we support you effectively to develop and operate your store.

We provide:
Site selection support
Store layout and design support
Brand name, as well as our business model
Products sourcing
Presentation techniques, customer service support and sales methods
Training programmes
New store opening support
Operations manuals, including standards, policies and procedures
Ongoing operational and business support
Marketing campaigns, promotions and local store marketing support
About ROI
The full return on Investment is estimated to be achieved by the end of the first operation year, meeting the established agreed goals.
If you are interested in franchising with PHRATA, please enquire at and awe will respond to you shortly.

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