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Her vibrant colours and adinkra symbols narrate a powerful statement of her journey and her ability to still wear her crown despite the obstacles in life. She recognises the beauty in her imperfections and takes a bold step to be transparent and wear her story. A unique inspirational gift as she celebrates her authentic self.

Adinkra Symbols:

  • AHODEN - energy (her aura speaks louder than words)
  • ODO NNYEWFIE KWAN - power of love (love never loses its way home)
  • DWENNIMMEN - strength (clothed in humility and strength)
  • FAWOHODIE - freedom (emancipate yourself from your fears, your past and your mistakes)
  • SESA WO SUBAN - life transformation (I change to transform my life)

Available framed and unframed, size (inches) 16x24.

Colour Me Beautiful, Modern Black Art, Afro African Women Canvas Print 16x24 inc

SKU: bqva6435
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