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Pear Shape Body Type in A-Line Dresses

Updated: Apr 28

One of the most classic dress silhouettes around in fashion is the A-line dress.

Even if you haven’t realized it, you may have worn an A-line silhouette a time or two throughout your life, because it’s such a popular style.

It isn’t just popular because of trends, however.

The a-line silhouette is popular because it’s also one of the most flattering shapes on many different women’s body types. While many style experts suggest the a-line shape is one of the most universally flattering like anything, there are some body types that benefit even more from the shape than others.

If you don’t know already, a pear shape is quickly identified by the hip measurement being the curviest compared the waist and bust.

The subtle flare around the hip area of the body is incredibly flattering for the pear shape.

Because a-line silhouettes offer waist definition, this is also an attribute that works well to the assets of a pear shape.

Generally, a pear shape has a narrower waist compared to the hips which is something to highlight!

The nice thing about an a-line shape for your body type is also the fact that it’s just a slightly flared shape around the curviest part of the body which helps to flatter but not hide that area of the body.

A common mistake many pear shapes make is feeling the need to wear silhouettes that are overly flowy around the bottom half which just adds bulk to the body.


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