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Dresses for Rectangle Body Shape

Updated: Apr 28

The rectangle body shape is characterised by equal bust, waist and hip measurements. The lack of curves makes the body appear like a column or a rectangle.

Rectangles tend to be tall and lean. They are not particularly curvy, the waist is not well-defined, and the bottom is rather flat.

Read if you are concerned about:

- An undefined waist

- Lack of curves

A great dress for a rectangle body is balanced on top and bottom whilst pulling in the waist.

‍One thing to look out for in dresses is thus high waist definition. Empire line dresses, princess seam dresses, and wrap dresses are great choices for the rectangle body.

A belt is a must-have and can change the shape of any dress (even shapeless ones).

‍Wrap dresses are especially nice since the draping falls nicely over the straight body frame and creates the impression of curves.

While you want to stay away from baggy or shapeless garments, a shift dress is the one exception to the rule. Thanks to its clean lines and tailoring, a shift dress will sit nicely on a rectangle body with a small bust and flat bottom.

If you opt for dresses that flare quite a bit at the hem, make sure you balance out your top with details or big sleeves, such as ruffles.


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