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Apple Shape Body Type in A-Line Dresses

Updated: Apr 28

Keep in mind, a-line dresses refers to the silhouette (or shape, rather) of the dress.

This means an a-line dress can be found, and worn, in various lengths and styles.

More often than not, the shape itself plays the biggest role in how flattering (or not) a dress is on the body and how it will enhance your shape.

If you’re an apple body type, A-line dresses are a major style win for your wardrobe.

One of the main keys to dressing an apple shape, according to style experts, is to create waist definition.

Because of this major style hack to flatter an apple shape, the a-line silhouette is the perfect choice.

The shape of an a-line as is highlights the waist area of the body that helps to either to define or create a slimmer looking waistline.

A-line dresses also flatter apple body types because they help to distribute the attention throughout the body evenly.

With an apple shape it’s likely your waist/tummy area is where you carry weight, by opting for clothing that draws attention to other parts of the body it helps create a slimming effect.

The subtle flare and form fitting torso are the attributes that help to give this balanced effect on the body.

Those things paired with waist definition give curves in all the right places.

That being said, keep you’re a-line dresses fitted so that your body isn’t lost in too much material – which is a common mistake apple shapes make with dresses.

Whatever a-line dresses you choose just ensure that they offer similar detailing on the top and bottom of the dress.

This is what’s going to continue helping to distribute the attention evenly, helping your shape to look balanced.


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